Need to raise money for your group or organization? Farm Boy’s Pizza for Profit program can help! It’s easy and fun, and can help raise thousands of dollars!

With this program, Farm Boy provides all you need to have a successful and fun fundraiser. You simply take pizza orders on provided forms. Farm Boy provides guidelines on how to make the pizzas, how much of each ingredient to use, the cost of making your pizzas and the recommended selling price. Equipment is also provided to shrink wrap and label your pizza for a professional and sanitary finished product.

Here’s How It Works:

1. Call Farm Boy Food Service at 425-5231 and ask about the “Pizza for Profit” program.

2. Using provided forms, sell 12″ or 14″ pizzas.

3. Organize volunteers to come in and “assembly line” produce the pizzas (easy and lots of fun!).

4. Arrange for pickup or delivery of the pizzas.

With the Pizza for Profit program, we’re certain you’ll be pleased with the profits your group can make. And, the people who support your organization by ordering a pizza will truly enjoy the product they receive.

Profit Projection (approximate):
Sell 200 12″ Pizzas: Earn $500
Sell 200 14″ Pizzas: Earn $750
Sell 400 12″ Pizzas: Earn $1,000
Sell 400 14″ Pizzas: Earn $1,500
Sell 800 12″ Pizzas: Earn $2,000
Sell 800 14″ Pizzas: Earn $3,000